About Label Vault

“I have been designing wine labels, packaging, and marketing materials since 2004. I’ve seen the many sides of designing wine labels: through a design agency, as an in-house designer at a winery, and as a freelancer. It became clear that a better, less expensive system should be available directly to wineries. One where wineries could obtain unique, well-designed marketing materials and a fully established brand identity without emptying their entire marketing budget into the effort. An option that keeps the control in the hands of buyer, where you purchase the exact label you want. Thus Label Vault was born: a complete online resource for pre-designed wine label brands including packaging and marketing materials. You experts handle the wine, let us handle the brand building.” – Josh Markle, Label Vault CEO

How Does It Work

We get it; you’ve got a great wine, but don’t know where to start in terms of a label design. Nor do you the time and money to design a fitting wine label and develop supporting marketing materials. Instead, choose a wine label brand from Label Vault and let us provide you with a unique, one-of-a-kind wine label brand with marketing materials. Label Vault works with a small, select network of designers who regularly backfill our artwork vault with quality designed wine labels, packaging, and marketing materials. Every label design is reviewed to meet Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) Compliance. In addition, Label Vault Trademarks each wine label brand to ensure no one else can copy Label Vault brand names and artwork. Label Vault even secures a domain name for each wine label. Most importantly, Label Vault is the only online label provider to offer out of the box supporting marketing materials to assist your sales team and help promote your new wine label brand.

How Do I Get Started

Begin browsing through our vault of label designs. Choose a desired wine label brand and supporting marketing materials to purchase. So what’s included with each purchase? You’ll receive high resolution editable artwork for your wine label brand, Trademark documents for your label’s name and artwork, the domain name registered for your wine label, plus artwork for any additional marketing materials you decide to purchase. Click here to get started.