Terms and Conditions

Submission Recomendations

It is recommended that each wine label submitted for review contain a full size image of the front and back artwork including a mock up image on a wine bottle to show placement. We suggest the following file formats when submitting a label: JPG, TIF or PDF.


Contributors submitting artwork agree that their artwork and label name is of original origin and not plagiarized or duplicated from another source. If a contributor is found to have plagiarized a name or artwork they will be held responsible for any legal ramifications for their actions including possible termination from the Label Vault site.

Label Longevity

An approved label will be displayed on Label Vault until the sale of the label. Contributors wishing to remove their approved labels from the website prior to the label being sold will incur a fee of $50 to reimburse the purchase of a domain name and trademark registration of their artwork.

Approved Artwork Submission

After a label is approved, contributors have 30 days to send their final high resolution artwork, including all supporting imagery and fonts, to Label Vault to be added to the website. Final artwork must include 300 DPI high resolution files in a CMYK format at 100% scale. In addition, final artwork must include a .125″ bleed when artwork is placed to the edge of a design.

No Funny Business

Label Vault will do nothing more with your label artwork beyond displaying in on LabelVault.com and storing it until it is sold.